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RKM Testimonials


Peggy S.

"I wanted to take the time to thank you for the report from my home inspection........  As a recent widow I wanted to have an inspection that I could use as a tool for taking over the maintenance duties as a sole homeowner. 
You were so knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful that I thought the experience turned out to be so much better and positive than I ever could have imagined.

Your comprehensive report was written in such a useful way for me to prioritize some of my needed repairs.

 It also helped that you included pictures that I could refer to in case I wasn’t sure about the area that was referenced in my home.  I liked the fact that you put in suggestions for preventative maintenance so that I have a document to refer to when it comes time for changing things like furnace filters and smoke alarm batteries. Your perspective was written in a clear way so that I can make decisions about which things need to be taken care of quickly and which things can wait.

I also appreciate that you have offered yourself as a resource when questions arise later on down the line. I always think it's a good idea to call around to find someone you're comfortable with and who meets your needs for something like this. You would be on the top of my list of referrals if someone I know needs a home inspection.  

Thanks again for everything "


St Charles, Mo


Judith W

Thank you so much for your recent inspection of my home and for the excellent report that followed it.  I truly appreciated the time you took to explain your findings to me as the inspection was being conducted and your offer to provide additional help and information in the future if needed.
You took the time to teach me about the technical aspects of household issues that were found, particularly those that included electrical safety, and I saw this as a real plus.  The inspection process was positive and certainly beneficial for me; you were respectful of both my privacy and of the physical surroundings as you went through the house.

As a retiree, I need to make sure that my house is in order for future sale, and your final written report makes it so much easier to know what steps I have to take to accomplish this.  It was clear and fully explanatory of those issues that needed attention in my home.  The organization of the report is helpful to me in forming a plan to take care of existing issues.  

I found the inclusion of pictures particularly helpful as both a frame of reference for the written words and a guide to direct any contractors I may hire for corrective work.
Thank you for taking the time to make this a great opportunity to learn and to improve the condition of my home.  Your approach to the inspection is indeed a positive and helpful one."


St Louis Mo


Dorothy and Ivor F.

"We want to thank you for your very professional inspection and write-up of our home.  We will happily recommend your services to anyone in the area.

We were very impressed with your total knowledge of all things in our house and with all of the things that were wrong and needed to be fixed. You explained each of these to us in a clear way that we were able to understand. 


Because our home is a little older, we were afraid that there would be a lot of negativity in your report and in the things you said to us.  But we found you to be very positive while still pointing out the things that need fixing.  Your final report was clear about what things were most important to take care of first, and we liked its room-by-room organization. 

Thank you helping us to improve our home"


St Louis Mo