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Detailed Residential & Commercial Inspections

Shed more light on the value, safeness, and size of your home or business with commercial and residential inspections from our full-service inspection company in Bridgeton, Missouri. Purchasing a home is an important decision, but it doesn't have to be an uninformed decision with RKM Field Inspection Service at your side. Our services don't stop with residential inspections. Our building inspectors specialize in everything from property preservation to eviction, occupancy, and field inspections. Don't walk into a situation full of unknowns. Contact us today for a thorough, accurate inspection of your property.

Building inspectors bridgeton st. louis st. charles mo rely on our building inspectors in bridgeton missouri for in-depth inspections that give you all the answers about any property 855-553-4070 home inspections inspection pricing about us inspection-articles location testimonials contact us 90-day free home warranty provided on all completed inspections
Occupancy Inspections
Occupancy inspection reports are primarily for buyers, sellers, and tenants. They include pre-purchase inspections for buyers, sellers, banks, and investors. Our experts carefully inspect all aspects of your potential home, examining the interior and exterior for faults and potential faults.

Insurance Loss Draft Inspections
RKM Field Inspection Service creates a schedule prior to the tenant moving out of a home, allowing Home Owners, REO and mortgage companies to receive insurance claims on the property. We inspect all interior and exterior damages caused by mold and water.
Electrical Inspections Cover Many Areas

• Heating • Plumbing • AC Systems

Pre-Closing Inspections
Sales date inspections are actually completed before a tenant moves into a home. We provide the buyer and tenant with pre-market inspections to satisfy both parties.

Chart, Residential Inspections in Bridgeton, MO

Saturday Inspections
Many times, it's difficult to schedule home inspections during the workweek. We're available on Saturdays to perform home inspections at no additional charge.

Roof Inspection
RKM Roofing Inspection Service provides some of the finest roofing services in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. Our commercial, industrial, and residential customers count on us for quality and dependability. We are able to deliver consistent quality because of our Roofing Inspection Team. We do not subcontract our work. We believe in executing a top quality job every time. It is a matter of our pride and our craftsmanship and a desire to earn your repeat business and referrals. When you call on us we will provide an inspection and estimate whether you need maintenance, repairs, or a new roof.  RKM will tackle your project with an amazing level of dedication to your satisfaction. Again, we take pride in our work and you will see the difference!

Roof Inspections Includes:
• Tile
• Wood Shake
• Flat
• Shingle
• Clay
• Metal

We have experience with all types of roofing materials and many types of structures. If you have any concerns about the roof of your home or building: condominium, office building, factories, shopping centers, or warehouses, depend on RKM for solid work at reasonable rates.

Electrical Inspection

At RKM, we care about you and your family’s safety. That’s why (with your permission) we will perform a visual electrical inspection of your home electrical system. Call RKM Field Inspections for residential and commercial property inspections from our building inspectors serving Bridgeton, St. Louis, St. Charles, Missouri.

Plumbing Inspection

The Plumbing Inspection Service in Bridgeton comprises a thorough inspection of different aspects of plumbing, namely, pressure, radon vent piping, water service lines, sewer lines, etc. Such inspection services carried out by different agencies enables in ensuring proper functioning of water systems in homes or commercial buildings. Qualified and certified inspection agents comprehend the complexity of plumbing systems and the potential damages and problems that may occur. Leaky and corroded water pipes that might lead to sewer gas explosion or pipe bursting can be easily avoided thorough inspection of the home systems. Bridgeton building inspection is mandatory for places like Bridgeton, which remains prone to storm damages. Before making any purchase, it is wise to get home inspection service that determines the purchase of home structures in good conditions.

Home Heating Inspection

Your heating system is crucial to the comfort of your home in the winter. There is no easier way to stay warm, lower heating bills and protect your family from the dangerous effects of carbon monoxide poisoning- than by having a home heating inspection. Call RKM Field Inspections for residential and commercial property inspections from our building inspectors serving Bridgeton, St. Louis, St. Charles, Missouri.

Cooling Inspection

If a home has a cooling system it is either central or localized. Localized systems include in-window air conditioning units. A home inspector is not required to inspect localized units.

A central cooling system is comprised of a number of essential elements including a condenser, and evaporator and a compressor. A home inspector will give these components of the cooling system a complete inspection and will check for coolant leaks. Any defects in the system are noted. Like the heating system, your house inspector will note brand and type of unit and may estimate age and expected lifespan.

In some cases, when systems are defective or not properly functioning, a home inspector may recommend a qualified HVAC specialist inspect the system further.

RKM Field Inspection serves Bridgeton, the Greater St Louis Metropolitan Area, and St Charles Missouri. They provide the most comprehensive inspection services in the region, including general home inspection, property inspection, commercial inspection.

Commercial Inspection

Our commercial inspection is an objective examination of your building and property to inform you of its condition. This will help you budget more accurately and provide for expenditures down the road -- whether it's a new roof, HVAC or simply maintenance related items.

Eviction Inspections
Ensure that your property is vacant and ready to put back on the market with an eviction inspection. This inspection is done for landlords, sellers, and investors prior to or after the actual eviction. Eviction inspections are ideal for rental properties and apartment complexes.

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