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Energy Audit Inspection

What is an energy audit?

An Energy Audit is the process of gathering information about your home’s energy usage. The main purpose of an energy audit is to see where energy is both being used and lost – which in turn reduces energy consumption and energy bills. It is recommended that an energy audit is done at least once per year, though twice per year is best.

Doing an energy audit gives you the best chance to save money on energy around your home, because it identifies core areas of energy usage and loss. When done correctly, an energy audit will always help save you money. It is important to note that the audit itself will not save you money, but the actions taken after the audit will as long as they are targeted to your home energy needs.

The energy audit kits from are designed to walk you through your audit, from start to finish, and take the next steps to start saving you money on energy. The kits will show you where to begin, how to record your information, and how to maximize your savings.

Every home is losing energy right now.

Yes, yours is too!

But before you dismiss this as "just another claim", think about this. Unless all your appliances, and your home as a whole is 100% efficient, guess what? You're losing money because you're losing energy.

And since there is no such thing as 100% efficiency when it comes to energy, you're losing money.

In fact, you might be losing money hand over fist. As in hundreds of dollars per year.

  • Do you want to know how much energy you're wasting?
  • How about how much money you're losing?
  • Would you want to stop wasting your money on energy?

There may be no 100% efficient appliance out there, but there is a guaranteed way to find out where your home loses energy so you can stop it. It's called an energy audit.

And when done correctly, it is guaranteed to find the sources of energy waste in your home. Call RKM Field Inspections for residential and commercial property inspections from our building inspectors serving Bridgeton, St. Louis, St. Charles, Missouri.

Home energy audits save money

Did you know that an astounding 95% of homeowners don’t know how they use energy?

It’s true. To find out where and how you use energy, you need to do an energy audit. And you really need to do it RIGHT NOW, because your home is costing you money in wasted energy. It’s literally everywhere, in every home.  To put it bluntly, there is no time to lose.

How does an energy audit save me money?

A Home Energy Audit identifies potential problems in your home energy usage. That is, it shows where you use the most energy, and where you could potentially save energy. The energy savings can either be through smart energy usage or conservation (for example, turning off lights when not in use), replacing of appliances or devices that use energy with smarter or newer energy star rated appliances (such as a washer, dryer, furnace, TV, CFLs…), or through mechanical or structural repairs or replacements (such as replacing windows, adding insulation, etc.)

Some of these simple repairs incur little to no cost. For example, energy conservation requires a little effort and remembering but usually doesn’t have a large cost associated with it. Replacing a furnace or appliance obviously has a larger cost, and making home repairs has a larger cost still. But most homeowners do not have to do all three. An energy audit can help tell you what you need to do. It’s the action taken after the audit that saves you money.  Call RKM Field Inspections for residential and commercial property inspections from our building inspectors serving Bridgeton, St. Louis, St. Charles, Missouri.

Is it the same as ‘going green?’

The so called ‘green’ movement is big these days. Home Energy Audits can help you and your home go green, but the audit in itself doesn’t signify going green. It does help you reduce your energy usage, which in turn reduces emissions on your behalf or emissions from your home, which decreases your carbon footprint, if you prefer to think of it that way.

But again, the action taken after an energy audit is what helps you save money, or go green, whichever term you prefer.


That said, an energy audit is just as essential for those who want to live off the grid, or use solar or wind power (or any other alternative energy) because these sources typically produce less power than an on-the-grid house receives from the electrical “grid”.  So saving energy becomes even more important. Even though you aren’t paying for it, per se, you want to use it as wisely as possible to make sure there is enough to go around – otherwise you’ll have brownouts and blackouts around your home – and you’ll be the one to blame!

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Energy Audit


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